Formerly from the Midwestern United States, I am currently living in Germany with my wonderful husband and a very adventurous cat, rightly named, Khalessi.

As a young child and later as a young teen, my family was transferred to Belgium for my dads job.  I believe that if I never had those wonderful experiences then, I wouldn’t have had the courage to move overseas again eight years ago.

This blog is all about sharing what I have learned and are continuing to experience as I travel and live in a foreign country.  Even though it isn’t always easy and there always seems to be some obstacle to get around, I absolutely love my life here and hope that others can find happiness living so far away from their “original” home.

So…   I’d like to thank my dad and dedicate this blog to his loving memory and for all he taught me growing up.  Without knowing, he instilled in me  a bit of know-how, the courage to follow my dreams and the passion to make them come true.

Dad & I in Italy, 1976