The Beautiful Bodensee (A visit to Lake Constance)

Among our many travel destinations this summer, was a visit to the Bodensee in Germany, known in english as Lake Constance.  Surrounded by Switzerland and Austria as well, this fresh body of water is also located in two states, Bavaria and Baden-Württemberg.

We traveled by train, as usual, and found a very affordable and beautiful and spiritual place to stay in Hergatz.  (I will be sharing those photos and information in another post as it was our first time at a Pilgrim hotel).

Hergatz is only a 15 minute ride by train to the magical city of Lindau, the harbor on the Bodensee.

If you notice the alps in the background (above), on the right side is Switzerland and the left side is Austria.

Let’s go in for a closer look at the two landmarks guarding the harbor entrance.

The Lion represents Bavaria and well, Lighthouses are usually found on the water, right? Although this one does have a clock which I think is quite rare.  You can also walk up to the top to see the beautiful panorama. Here is a link where you can read more about them and find tourist information about beautiful Lindau, if you are interested.

This tower was originally the first lighthouse at Lindau.  I love the humour of Rapunzel’s hair hanging outside the window.

Yes, those are palm tree’s just beyond. The climate here is quite different from that in most of Germany.  It’s actually quite tropical.  We will head to the Island of Minau later this week and you’ll see what I mean.

Here are some more of my favorite photos from Lindau and the lake.

Originally the city prison
Some vineyards along the Bodensee – view from the ship
Boating on the Bodensee
Early evening on the lake
A hotel facing the harbor – I would love to stay here next time we visit, but its a bit pricey…
Cafe Schreier – the best spot to relax after a long day of boating and site-seeing.

We fell in love with this place and do plan to re-visit again.  It is just magical.  The water, the alps, the weather and the views.


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