What I learned about packing this time around

I used to be so proud that I could pack very little in a carry-on suitcase when we travel.  After this last trip, I have decided to go back to packing the way I used to and this is why.

Its summertime here in Europe and its Africa hot!  That is the best way I can describe the heat.  When you travel in a country where air conditioning is non-existent, even in most trains and hotels, you just plain… sweat.  There is no beautiful way to say it.  I did use the word “glow” quite often during our travels.  My husband heard quite often the following statement, “Look at me, I’m glowing!” As my clothes were sticking to my skin and you could wring enough water out of my bra to fill up a juice glass.

I thought it would be simple, just to wash my clothing out in the evening, but it just doesn’t dry when it’s so hot, contrary to what I have read online.  So, here are my newest tips when traveling in the summer months.

Pack extra clothes and especially underwear.  Just plan on washing it all when you get back home.  And most importantly, pack an extra pair of comfortable shoes.  My husbands shoes actually ripped this past trip.  Of course the wonderfully frugal part of him said, we weren’t going to buy a new pair.  I thought of a way to fix them and came up with the idea of super glue.  We bought some at a local Edeka and you know what? It actually worked!  They stayed together for the rest of our trip and we definitely did some walking too.

So to recap.  When travelling during hot times of the year, it’s okay to pack extra clothing and shoes.  Its worth the little bit of extra weight in the suitcase.  It’s more important to enjoy your travels than to spend it wishing you had a dry pair of underwear to change into in the evening. I know that minimal packing ideas are trending right now, but you know what?  When it comes down to it, follow your own instincts.  Pack the amount that feels comfortable to you.  It is okay to return home with items you did not use.  The important thing is to be comfortable when you are so far away from home and if that means packing a few extra favorites, that is absolutely okay.  😉




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