Follow us around Bad Wimpfen, Germany

We recently visited the beautiful, historic spa town of Bad Wimpfen. Known for its salt production and bathing, this quaint town looks much as it did (as I like to say) back in the day.  In fact, the first therapeutic spa hotel was opened here in 1835.  In case you are wondering, the word Bad means Bath in german. 😉

Taking the train to the state Baden-Württemberg we walked to our hotel along the river Neckar.  Although an uphill walkway, pulling luggage behind us in the heat, the view made me forget about that.


Still working our way through the steep path up to our hotel, and still smiling.

We stayed the Hotel Am Rosengarten and absolutely enjoyed it.  Their breakfast buffet was incredible with so many choices (more than we had ever seen before at a hotel breakfast) and we did enjoy one delicious dinner at the hotel on the terrace which was so relaxing and enjoyable.

Here is a peek at our room.

And the view from the window.

We also took advantage of the outdoor salt water pool which was the perfect place to rejuvenate and relax from all the walking we had done.  There is also a beautiful rose garden we stumbled upon on the hotel grounds on one of our many walks. If you would like to know more about this hotel, here is their link  They offer so many wonderful services and we found the staff very friendly.

Now that we have checked in, lets take a walk through this historical town.


This next photo shows such a beautiful view of the river, and if you notice the tower on the left which is called the Blue Tower, has scaffolding surrounding it as it is going through some major renovations.  As we have plans to revisit Bad Wimpfen, we look forward to seeing it completed.

We did have the chance to go up inside the Red Tower, in fact the picture of the river is taken on the top of that tower.

This next photo, I thought was so cute!  It has a little door cut out in the shutter for the family cat to easily roam the streets.  We did see quite a few, in fact, lying around here and there on the cobblestones.

My biggest tip if you are exploring areas like this which have many hills with old style cobblestones is to wear appropriate footwear.  I was so happy that for the first time ever, I brought the right shoes.  I should add that it is a 750 meter distance from our hotel to the center of town, which isn’t really far.

I hope you enjoyed following us around the lovely town of Bad Wimpfen.  Next week, I will be sharing our gorgeous views from the Boden See (Lake Boden), where we take a boat to the tropical Island of Minau.

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