The city I fell in love with – a honeymoon in Paris

The moment my love affair began,  I was a very young, impressionable teen on a family trip to Paris, France.  There are still those moments imbedded in my mind.  All those firsts.  The Eiffel Tower.  A tower of iron completed in 1889 which has withstood time.  A symbol of enduring love if ever there is one.


Sacre-Cour Basilica, dedicated to the Sacred Heart of Jesus and a symbol for so many who lost their lives. Staring down from the highest point in Paris, looking quite heavenly against this spring, blue sky.


I could go on about every landmark in paris but let’s continue with the story of my love affair.  As a young girl, so impressionable naturally, I really took in the Parisienne women, sitting in the cafe with their espresso, or wine or croissant.  It struck me then there was something so different about the people in this city.  They seemed so strikingly beautiful and had that Je ne sais quoi about them.  That really is the best word to describe the air about these woman.  Later I realized they exuded confidence which can be very beautiful.    I loved listening to the french spoken all around and later did quite well with that language.  We did some shopping, which admittedly, I loved. But ooh….. the architecture. The roof lines, the tall windows, it was just so… french.  I believe that is when it happened.  I wanted to be a part of this place somehow.  I wanted to see so much more.  Learn what the secret is that the french women has.  I wanted to hold hands walking along the Seine with my future husband.

I made a vow to myself at that time, only to be forgotten for a time. I wanted to come back to Paris on day with my husband.  To experience the romance, history and beauty this city had to offer.  It took a few decades but that wish came true.  I had that childhood dream of a honeymoon in paris and you know what?  It was even more magical sharing it with the one you love.  Especially when you both have such a love for history and travel.

This time around I got to visit the beautiful Versailles and enjoy walking through Marie-Antoinette’s private gardens.

My handsome husband posing in front of Versailles

Every time I am in Paris I enjoy watching the older men play the age-old game of Boules in the park.  They always seem to draw a crowd.

I can go on and on about everything I love about Paris and am very thankful to live in the neighboring country.  It’s only a few train rides away for me these days.

The view from our hotel.

I will end this post by saying that dreams can come true.  Never give up on them, even if life seems to be telling you it is impossible, it isn’t.  You may have to wait a long time for something but I encourage you to look into ways you can achieve your dream and pray over it.  Prayers do get answered every now and then.

My dad use to tell me, if there is a will – there is a way.

He was so right.

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