Paperwork to have in order and translated before moving overseas

This is a subject I did not even think about before my move overseas.  In fact, no one even mentioned it to me. Then, it happened.  I needed to see a Doctor.

One very important thing as an American to know is that not everyone in the world speaks English, not even doctors.  I naively assumed that everyone spoke and understood English.  That was a huge wake-up call for me and a good kick in the butt to learn the language so I could at least communicate with my doctor.

It is so important to have your medical history with you when you move and more importantly to have it translated by an agency into the language of the country you will be moving too.  I can’t stress this enough! 

This doesn’t only pertain to medical but to any legal documents such as a marriage certificate or even divorce papers if you are going to be obtaining a visa.

Don’t forget about school/university records.  They must be translated ahead of time if you plan to continue with schooling or work in your field.  If that is the case, then I am sure you would have already contacted the University to discuss that.

I hope this information helps.  There truly is much prep work involved before a move, which I did not do.  It can truly save hassles, headaches and lengthy waits later on.





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