Travel Notes – Hotel Amenities

I am reminded of one of the many surprises I had my first time traveling in Germany as an adult.  It was fantastic and of course we visited my favorite city, Heidelberg.

We usually stay at very affordable hotels, which I believe is about the 3 star range, unless we get a great deal on something a bit more posh.  Being as it had been many years since I traveled in Europe, I packed my suitcase like I always have for U.S. trips excluding items like a hair dryer, shampoo & conditioner.  Imagine my surprise when unpacking in our hotel not one of those items were in the bathroom.  It contained a liquid soap dispenser in the shower and a small bar of soap at the sink and two glasses. Two small bath towels, two hand towels and a bath mat.  There wasn’t even wash cloths or tissue (Kleenex)!  I was a bit surprised as I assumed these were basic amenities in all hotels, not just in the U.S.

Oh well, another lesson learned.  Make sure to do your research before hand if this is something that matters to you when traveling.  Don’t assume as I did that all hotel bathrooms are pretty well stocked with toiletries.


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